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Performance Diesel Tuning

Here's a brief timeline of how Darkside Development started up.

2010: Darkside Developments started was founded in 2010 by the twins Scott and Ryan.
2011: Stefan, who is Scott and Ryan's big brother, joined the company and it became SRS Automotive.
2013: Scott and Ryan went in and supported Dan, their best tuner, and bought a yellow Arosa, which would be known soon.
2014: The infamous Arosa baton was passed on to Ryan, and he ended a drag race with time 9.9s and a top speed of 142mph, where he at one point hit 148mph, which to this day, is the fastest an FWD has driven.
2015: They went from a small garage shed and workshop to have their very own warehouse hall.
2017: They rebuilt the Arosa's engine so it could get even wilder. This time it was 9.7s and 146.7mph.
2018: They unveiled what they could get out of a Skoda Citigo.
2019: In June 2019, they broke the record for the fastest FWD diesel with time 9.4611s and 150.55mph in 1/4 mile.
2020: Darkside Paint & amp; Body had become a reality, so Bodyshop work is now also an option. At the same time, they are the only ones to become the UK's exclusive KTM X-BOW dealership.

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