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Quality flywheel from 034 motorsports.

034Motorsport is pleased to announce the availability of these three Billet Aluminum single mass lightweight flywheel sets. 034Motorsport has been producing these three flywheel sets for a third party for many years and now sells them directly from 034Motorsport as well. These flywheel sets are currently installed in thousands of vehicles, they are proven, well sorted, and will provide trouble-free installation and operation.

034Motorsport Billet Aluminum Lightweight flywheels are typically half the weight of their OEM counterparts. This marked reduction in rotational weight enables the engine to be more responsive to the throttle supply and facilitates torque adjustment when shifting gears.

034Motorsport's Billet Aluminum Lightweight flywheel is made of 6061 billet aluminum and is machined and fully assembled from the factory. New flywheel bolts are included in each of the sets below.

• 6061 Billet aluminum construction
• Interchangeable steel friction surface
• About half the weight of OEM flywheel
• Single mass flywheel remove the failure point with double mass flywheel
• Coupling upgrade options to B7 RS4 V8 specifications
• New flywheel bolts included