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    Gearbox suspension

    A transmission mount is an important component of a vehicle's powertrain, designed to support and stabilize the transmission and prevent unwanted movement and vibration while driving. When tuning a car, choosing the right gearbox suspension can have a significant impact on the car's comfort.
    When buying a gearbox mount for tuning, it is important to consider the materials and design of the mount. High-performance transmission mounts are typically made from more robust materials, such as polyurethane or aluminum, and are designed to withstand the increased stresses and forces associated with tuning.
    In addition, you must pay attention to the compatibility between the gearbox suspension and the specific model and year of the car. This ensures a correct fit and functionality. A good choice of gearbox suspension can improve the car's driving characteristics.

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    Gearbox cushions BMW E30 E36 E46 E92 E82

    The set includes a pair of gearbox cushions. The materials from which they were made significantly extend their service life compared to the original products.
    €50,30 incl tax