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    Air filters | Intake pipes | Intake manifolds

    On this page, you will find a wide range of intake parts for cars. Our intake manifolds are of high quality, at an affordable price. When you get an intake manifold you also need an air filter, even if you also mounted a turbocharger. We can highly recommend the Vibrant Performance air filters when it comes to value for money. The more air you can get into the engine, the better effect your engine will have. If you make a lot of changes to your intake system, it's important to reprogram your engine setup for a proper AFR mixture. 

    If your unable to find the exact product you need, or your have any questions, feel free to contact us.  


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    EGR eliminator for BMW E60 E61 E61N 520i 525d 530d 535d

    Remove EGR with this kit for BMW - Available right now in black
    €66,38 incl tax

    Swirl flap delete kit - BMW - 33mm. - 6 cylinder

    Removes swirl flap on BMW
    €60,35 incl tax

    Throttle sensor / TPS sensor for dampers

    TPS sensor for dampers DCOE / IDF / IDA
    €43,45 incl tax

    3 "KN" style air filter - 76mm - Clamp-on 400 hp

    Length 160mm. Without logo.
    €50,29 incl tax €33,53 incl tax

    Swirl flap delete kit - TFSI EA113

    Removes swirl flap
    €57,00 incl tax

    Swirl flap delete kit - TSI EA888

    - 1.8 TSI TFSI EA888 1st Gen, Engines: BYT, BZB - 2.0 TSI TFSI EA888 1st Gen, Engines: CAWA, CAWB, CBFA, CCTA, CCTB
    €92,20 incl tax

    BMW M20 - Intake manifold

    Complete intake manifold without throttle and fuel rail
    €419,09 incl tax €133,44 incl tax

    Silicone intake pipe - Transverse 1.8T - Black - 51 / 80mm.

    Used for upgrade turbo that can deliver 270hp. - Used with large air mass meter
    €167,64 incl tax

    EGR eleminator / EGR delete kit for VAG 2.0 TDI

    EGR delete kit for VAG 2.0 TDI
    €75,44 incl tax

    4 "/ 101.6mm. K&N Clamp-on 600 hp. - RE-0870

    Length: 229mm. Total length: 270mm.
    €93,74 incl tax

    Air filter mini 25mm. connection

    Small air filter that can be used for crankcase ventilation or similar.
    €12,74 incl tax €10,06 incl tax

    EGR eliminator for BMW

    Remove EGR with this kit for BMW
    €66,38 incl tax

    Crankcase Breather Filter

    Quality filter for crankcase venting.
    €10,06 incl tax

    4 "KN" style air filter - 101.6mm - Clamp-on 400 hp.

    Length 160mm. Without logo.
    €50,29 incl tax €46,94 incl tax

    4" Foam Filter - Diameter 200mm.

    Connection: 105mm. Depth: 90mm.
    €50,29 incl tax

    K&N air filter oil - Spray - 408ml.

    Air filter oil / oil spray
    €12,07 incl tax

    3" Suction hose - Air intake pipe

    Flex hose for suction or cooling of brakes.
    €16,76 incl tax

    K&N filter cleaning kit - Spray

    Soap & Oil
    €21,46 incl tax

    Catch tank air filter AN-10 connection

    €25,15 incl tax

    3 "HKS Foam Filter - Diameter 155mm.

    Connection: 76mm. Depth: 95mm.
    €48,61 incl tax

    Universal Speed Trailer - Cable Kit

    Universal accelerator cover for dampers
    €58,67 incl tax €41,91 incl tax

    3" Closed box intake kit - Air intake pipe

    Intake box with flex hose.
    €117,35 incl tax

    Vacum station - Manifold

    Vacuum distributor with fittings
    €30,17 incl tax

    4 "KN air filter 101.6mm. K&N Clamp-on 450 hp. KN filter - RF-1015

    Length: 178mm.
    €100,58 incl tax €91,19 incl tax

    2½" KN "style" luftfilter - 63mm. K&N Clamp-on 500 hk.

    Length: 240mm.
    €50,12 incl tax €33,53 incl tax

    VAG 1.8T 20 valve - High flow intake manifold

    Intake manifold for VAG 1.8T - High flow molded manifold.
    €217,26 incl tax

    VW B6/B7 Audi A4 1.8T K04 turbo with 51/80mm. connection

    This intake is especially suitable for 275 hp. upgrade turbo.
    €267,55 incl tax

    BMW Charge pipe - BMW N55 E82/E90/E92 135i/335i 2011-2012

    Fits several BMW models.
    €113,99 incl tax €83,82 incl tax

    Swirl flap delete kit - BMW - 22mm. - 6 cyl

    Removes swirl flap on BMW
    €50,29 incl tax

    K&N cleaning fluid 1 liter

    €19,45 incl tax €16,76 incl tax

    Gasket - Between throttlebodies and manifold

    €13,41 incl tax €4,19 incl tax

    Air filter mini 35mm. connection

    1.00107.05-10009 Red
    Small air filter that can be used for crankcase ventilation or similar.
    €12,74 incl tax

    VW, Audi, Skoda, Seat KN filter - K&N insert filter - 33-2865

    This air filter insert fits many different cars. See the full list including the product.
    €82,07 incl tax €66,92 incl tax

    VW golf 4 m. More - K&N insert filter 33-2128

    Here you can buy insert filter from KN to bla. your VW Golf 4
    €103,93 incl tax €73,63 incl tax

    TurboGuard air filter 3" (76mm)

    3"(76mm) Turboguard air filter for extreme flow and very little space. These coarse filters only protect the turbo against the largest particles, which can shorten the life of the turbocharger and engine.
    €46,10 incl tax

    Universal Throttle - 70mm Silver

    Universal gas damper in the color silver.
    €83,82 incl tax

    BMW KN filter - K&N insert filter - E-2657

    KN filter insert that fits many BMWs, eg BMW X5 3.0L.
    €147,39 incl tax €113,99 incl tax

    3.5 "KN air filter 89mm. K&N Clamp-on 375 hp. - RU-3130

    Length: 178mm.
    €73,76 incl tax

    3 "KN air filter - 76mm. K&N Clamp-on 550 hp. KN filter - RE-0810

    Length: 273mm. Flange diameter: 152mm.
    €88,01 incl tax

    K&N filter system - VAG TSI / TFSI - 57s-9500

    1.2 / 1.4 / 1.8 / 2.0 TSI / TFSI
    €301,75 incl tax

    Vibrant Performance Air Filter - 4.50 "(114.3mm) - 10926

    Overall Height: 146,1mm.
    €90,52 incl tax

    3 "KN air filter - 76mm. K&N Clamp-on 420 hp. KN filter - RE-0910

    Length: 247mm.
    €95,55 incl tax

    2½ "KN air filter - 65mm. K&N Clamp-on 300 hp. KN filter - RA-0610

    Length 127mm.
    €75,44 incl tax

    BMW M50 / M52 / M54 - Intake manifold

    Complete intake manifold with throttle and fuel rail
    €771,13 incl tax

    VAG VW Audi Seat K&N Luftfilter filterindsats 33-3004

    1.2 TSI / 1.4 TSI
    €100,31 incl tax €72,42 incl tax

    2.75 "KN air filter 70mm. K&N Clamp-on 375 hp. KN filter - RU-4960

    Length: 152mm.
    €83,82 incl tax

    1.8T intake manifold - 3 "Intake pipe

    1.8T suction system - Used when mounting a larger turbo.
    €86,50 incl tax

    BMW N54 - Intake manifold

    LOFT-N54 Black
    Complete with intake manifold and fuel rail
    €535,77 incl tax

    Seat, Audi KN filter - K&N insert filter - 33-2209

    Here you will find a K&N filter that fits Seat and Audi.
    €87,00 incl tax €75,10 incl tax
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