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Mercedes downpipe - Below you will find downpipes for Mercedes

Downpipe - Also called front pipe - We have many different of, often people want to put a downpipe on their car to remove particle filter or catalyst. By removing these, you achieve less resistance in your exhaust system and thus more power. If, for example, you have a chip tuning of the car made, it can be a problem that there is too much soot in the particle filter, here you can then mount a downpipe without a particle filter. However, the motor control must be programmed not to make an error code if you remove it. Contact the company that has made or will make the tuning for you. If you buy a downpipe from us, you are guaranteed a really high-quality stainless steel that lasts for many years.

If you can not find a downpipe for your car, please contact us for help!

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