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OS Giken - How it all started...

In the early 1960s, Masaharu Okazaki embarked on a mission to build high-performance Japanese racing engines to compete with the then championship-winning European cars.
Armed with a pure passion for motorsport and an innate ability to absorb information, he basically took things apart in his garage, figured out how they work, then designed improvements to increase performance.
As a self-educated man, he initially started working on motorcycles and eventually went on to develop parts for 4-wheeled vehicles.
Mr. Okazaki founded his company, OS Giken, in the early 1970s with strength, durability, and the pursuit of high performance in mind; these goals for developing parts remain true to this day, and OS GIken has established itself at the top when it comes to the design and manufacture of high-quality tuning parts.

From Mr. Okazaki's humble beginnings, fixing motorcycle parts at home, OS Giken has evolved and grown over the years as well as building and cementing a reputation as one of the best manufacturers of racing parts in the world.
The company's headquarters and factory, located in Okayama, Japan, were officially founded in 1973.

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Single plate coupling - OS Giken

OS Giken Nissan SILVIA / 180SX CA18DET Super Single Steel Dampened Single Plate Clutch

TS series double plate clutch

OS Giken Nissan SILVIA / 180SX CA18DET TS Series Dampened Twin Plate Clutch