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Cage & crash bar for motorsport

IRECO MOTORSPORT is responsible for the delivery of parts of the roller cage and ensures that all parts and materials used in the manufacture of these parts comply with FIA regulations and are not responsible for incorrect welding of the roller cage.

These cages are made of superior quality carbon steel.

When you receive the cage from Ireco Motorsport, the pipes are cut to length and at the correct angles. Makes assembly and assembly easy.

Get welding instructions by searching google for "253 safety regulations"

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BMW E36/E46 Coupe - ROLLCAGE - DRIFT + Nascar doors

Bur der specifikt er bygget til drifting.


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BMW E36/E46 ROLLCAGE - Nascar STYLE + Nascar doors

Part No: 0131-E36/E46-NascarDoors
Bur til BMW E36 & BMW E46 i meget høj kvaliet og lavet efter FIA reglement. Dette bur er lavet med NASCAR "døre" så man nemmere kan komme ind og ud af bilen.