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Wiseco - A world of quality.

In 1940, Clyde Wiseman entered his garage on the East Side of Cleveland, Ohio. He started making pistons for himself and a few friends. There were words on the street about his high-quality work, and it spread like wildfire. In 1941, the Wiseco Piston was created to meet the needs of motorsport enthusiasts.

Today, Wiseco's headquarters in Mentor, Ohio, boasts over 150,000 square feet of modern forging and CNC machining equipment. Wiseco also has fully stocked and strategically located distribution centers in Canada and Europe to serve markets worldwide.

With their domestic coast-to-coast distribution system, international customers in Europe, South America, Africa, Australia, and Asia make Wiseco a world leader in the manufacture of high performance forged pistons for snowmobiles, motorcycles, ATVs, personal watercraft, naval vessels, and cars.

Wiseco engineers use the latest in 3D design and finite element modeling software to ensure that every Wiseco design is designed to deliver the greatest strength and lightweight to any application. Their in-house Dyno systems, equipped with the latest technology along with their test systems, ensure that their latest products live up to the expectations of the demanding motorsport industry.

After 75 years in the industry, the name Wiseco has become synonymous with stamps, especially stamps for off-road racing and driving. Wiseco has gained instant brand recognition by being the only US manufacturer of forged pistons for the motorsport market.

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