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Titanium Exhaust - Titanium Exhaust Parts

Titanium has long been used in aerospace and the motorsport industry due to its excellent strength to weight ratio. These properties make Titanium the ideal material for professional manufacturers looking to build durable and ultra-lightweight high-performance intake and exhaust components that can withstand hard driving. Best of all, Vibrant makes Titanium more affordable than it has been in the past.

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Picture of Titanium Hanger Rod

Titanium Hanger Rod

Ultra-light hollow titanium suspension rods are easily formed with the hand with a handle with hanger. Sold in pairs.
From 572,06 kr
Picture of Titanium Mufflers

Titanium Mufflers

Titanium Mufflers From CP1 Titanium
From 4.386,47 kr
Picture of Titanium Pie Cuts

Titanium Pie Cuts

CP1 Titanium High quality Titanium
From 510,77 kr
Picture of Titanium Resonators / Mufflers

Titanium Resonators / Mufflers

Titanium middle pot
From 3.064,60 kr
Picture of Titanium tube - 1 meter

Titanium tube - 1 meter

Titanium tube 1 meter straight. 1.0 mm (0.039 ") thickness.
From 851,28 kr
Picture of Titanium tube bending

Titanium tube bending

High quality Titanium tube bends
From 776,37 kr
Picture of Titanium accessories

Titanium accessories

CP1 Titanium High quality Titanium Weld Bungs, Filler Rod, Weld Tab set
From 163,45 kr
Picture of Titanium V-Band Flange Assemblies

Titanium V-Band Flange Assemblies

CP1 Titanium High quality Titanium
From 2.063,50 kr