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    About us

    Qualitec - A tuning company with pride

    Qualpec is a company owned by Anders Amby. I am incredibly proud of my company where I have run this webshop with tuning equipment and parts for cars since February 2012. It has become a really solid company where I place incredible emphasis on Customer service, high quality of all products, and cheap prices.

    See video and pictures at:

    I have dealt a lot with:

    Tuning of cars, everything from mounting a turbo, compressor and programmable engine control
    Manufacture of special parts
    Provide tuning parts for customers

    Why choose Qualitec?

    I have been working full time with car tuning since 2006 and have a huge understanding of engine tuning, manufacturing everything, turbo kit, compressor kit with CNC machined fittings, engine management, and electronics. Ie. that I have an understanding of everything I do. If you have a project that I think is not sustainable, I say no, I only deal with something I thought was interesting and thus you always get a finished product that is top-notch.

    Gallery - Here you will find a link with a small selection of projects Qualitec has made.


    Top-quality and customer service!

    I place an incredible amount of emphasis on customer service and therefore at the time of writing I can present a Trustpilot score of 9.7 - which means that Qualitec is at the top of the category of car equipment & accessories. I do not want dissatisfied customers! If you have any problems, you are always welcome to contact us!

    I am always grateful when I receive an order and everyone who has ordered from me, I hereby say thank you to all past and future customers.

    Anders Amby
    Herningvej 95 - 6950 Ringkøbing - Denmark

    Anders Amby - Tak