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    Car Safety

    Car Safety Equipment & motorsport

    Here you will find a lot of safety equipment for the car, home, or boat. We recommend that you have a fire extinguisher in the car, whether you are racing or you are going on holiday in the car. A warning triangle in the car is also a really good idea, it is not mandatory to have a warning triangle in the car, but it is mandatory to have to use it if the accident is out. Read more about the distance to the warning triangle under the product.

    A dressing box for the holidays or if you drive motorsports or rallies, it can also be a really good idea to have such a one for big or small scratches. Remember that it is mandatory to have a safety vest in the car for all people in the car in many countries.

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    Fire extinguisher fittings

    This is a fire extinguisher bracket.
    €35,95 incl tax

    BMW E36 Trunk Firewall

    Fits Coupe and Sedan
    €93,18 incl tax

    BMW E92 Trunk Firewall

    €93,18 incl tax

    Fire extinguisher fittings

    This is a fire extinguisher bracket in 6 kg. model.
    From €35,95 incl tax

    BMW E46 Trunk Firewall

    €93,18 incl tax

    First aid kit for the car - Housegard

    Here you get a first aid kit with many aids.
    From €35,31 incl tax

    Evacuation hammer

    Emergency hammer for the car. Break the glass with a glass hammer.
    From €6,71 incl tax


    Skumslukker med manometer (trykmåler) og monteringsbeslag.
    €50,98 incl tax

    Velcro strop - 155mm.

    Bruges til montering af brandslukker
    €17,44 incl tax