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    oil-cooler and intercooler elements

    Vibrant Performance's oil-cooler and intercooler elements.

    Vibrant Performance Bar and Plate intercoolers and oil coolers have a nice unique design that gives the air the least possible resistance, which maximizes the core's attack area and thus gives less pressure loss over the intercooler.

    Build yourself - The intercooler elements below you use if you have a lot of space missing or need to build an intercooler that must be able to be between some car parts where it requires the intercooler ends to be made in a special shape. You will also find oil cooler elements in different sizes.

    It requires some welding work and some aluminum plates to make ends for intercooler or oil cooler elements. The elements are available in a horizontal or vertical design. You will also find welding nozzles with hose connection or AN connection below.

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    Vertical flow air to air intercooler

    Choose from several different sizes.

    Air to air intercooler with end tanks.

    Intercooler that goes from air to air.


    Oilcooler element.

    Stainless and Aluminum studs - Welding nipples

    Studs for making outlets for eg blow off valve, turbo control valve or similar.
    From €4,02 incl tax

    Welding Nipples - Aluminum, Stainless & Steel

    Welding nipples for AN screws.
    From €3,11 incl tax

    Horizontal flow air to air intercooler

    Horizontal airflow.
    From €393,02 incl tax