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    Here you will find our range of electronic parts for tuning cars. From gearbox control and engine control that give you full control over the car's performance, to intercom systems that ensure effective communication while driving. We also have emergency stops for immediate safety response and turbo timers to extend the life of your turbo and improve its efficiency. And of course, we have high-quality wires and cables that ensure a stable and reliable connection. All our products are designed to improve your car's performance, safety and driving experience.

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    Bosch plug 2 leg plug - Nozzle plug

    Nozzles and idle motor plugs, etc.
    From €1,61 incl tax

    Lambda probe nut - Steel

    €4,02 incl tax

    Connector for FSI / TFSI - 3.5mm. pin

    Complete kit (Connectors, plugs and rubber caps) Fits the ignition coil with the "large" connector. Used for example when installing programmable motor control and TFSI ignition coils.
    €4,83 incl tax

    Lambda probe nut - Stainless Steel

    From €3,35 incl tax
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