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    TFSI - EA113 - Transverse - 350hp.

    TFSI upgrade up to 350hp. - Transverse motor

    Below you will find the parts you need to tune your transverse EA113 engine up to 350 hp.

    You will find all the items you need below the text. - There are some items we have linked to, because otherwise there would be too many products below the text. - It is eg downpipe and exhaust. If you can not find what is needed for your car, you are welcome to contact us.

    1. Choose turbo - (Cupra turbo with machined flange for easy installation)
    2. Blow off valve - Reinforced fits Cupra turbo with machined flange.
    3. Select downpipe below or find more models HERE to choose your car model.
    4. Add 4 pcs. Audi S3 nozzles in the basket
    5. Add 1 pc. Autotech upgrade high pressure pump in the basket.
    6. Add 1 pc. RS4 / R8 Fuel Pressure Regulating Valve - 079 130 757 in the basket
    7. Select intake pipe
    8. Choose the intercooler that fits your car below
    9. Find an exhaust that fits your car HERE - 70 / 76mm. required
    10. Add 2 pcs. 80mm. clamp in the basket (to get 76mm. between downpipe & exhaust.)
    11. Add 1 pc. 0.5 meter pipe in the basket (to get 76mm. Between downpipe & exhaust.)
    12. Add in pcs. Torca clamp in the basket (to get 76mm. Between downpipe & exhaust.

    Extras that are not a necessity:

    1. If you want a little more power (approx. 20hp.), You can advantageously mount a water injection kit
    2. Mounting the Catch can - Choose the model that suits your car.
    3. If you do not install Catch can, we recommend replacing PVC Valve, crankcase vent - EA113
    4. Blow off valve flange - Fitted if you want the blow off sound

    Read more about TFSI EA113 tuning

    These engine codes can last up to 350hp without changing anything inside: AXX BWA BYD BWJ BHZ CDL

    Remember the car must be on a rolling field and adjusted after the parts have been fitted. Find information at your local tuner.

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    Simon's Stainless Tape 3 "(80mm) - UBK079R

    €12,87 incl tax €12,33 incl tax

    Blow off valve TFSI 06F145710G - Reinforced

    Powerful blow off valve for TFSI engine
    €68,36 incl tax

    3 "/ 76mm. - Torca TC Exhaust Clamp - Qualitec - SS304

    Used on 3 "(76.2mm) O.D. pipe. - SS304
    €13,40 incl tax

    Large intercooler kit MK5 / 6 - 2.0 TFSI

    Large intercooler kit for 2.0 TFSI engine. Very easy assembly and efficient cooling.
    €281,46 incl tax

    AEM Water injection up to 2.5 bar charge pressure - 30-3300

    Kit that can be used for charging pressures up to 2.5 bar.
    €482,51 incl tax

    TFSI high pressure pump (EA113) - Autotech - Upgrade kit

    Upgrade kit for high pressure pump in TFSI engine.
    €426,22 incl tax

    VAG 2.0 TFSI - Oil catch tank

    Forge style oil catch tank for 2.0 TSI engine.
    €185,95 incl tax €147,43 incl tax

    Forge TSI - Blow off valve Adapter for VAG FSiT TFSi

    Forge valve for 230/240 / 265hp TFSI
    €33,51 incl tax

    VAG 1.8 TSI / 2.0 TSI - Oil catch tank

    Forge style oil catch tank for 2.0 TSI engine.
    €134,03 incl tax

    Blow off valve TFSI 06F145710G

    Powerful blow off valve for TFSI engine
    €26,81 incl tax

    Stainless 0.5 meter - Simons 3 "- U017650R

    €31,63 incl tax €24,13 incl tax

    AEM V2 One Gallon Water/Methanol Injection Kit - Multi Input - AEM 30-3350

    The AEM Water Injection Kit is a safe and economical way to reduce air inlet temperatures to increase boost pressure for more power. Lower air inlet temperatures allow users to advance timing without having to run higher-octane fuel. This is the most complete kit available on the market straight out of the box- no additional parts required.
    €589,20 incl tax

    RS4/R8 Fuel Pressure Regulating Valve - 079 130 757

    €112,05 incl tax

    K04 Cupra - TFSI turbo

    With this K04 Cupra turbo you can make your TFSI engine deliver up to 350+ hp.
    From €911,41 incl tax

    PVC Ventil, krumtaphusudlufting - EA113

    Ofte defekt på TFSI motoren.
    €34,31 incl tax
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