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Emergency stop for motorsport

Below you will find emergency stops for race cars. Used to switch off all electrical equipment in the event of a crash, for example.

For this you need an emergency stop with generator protection!

If you disconnect the battery while the generator is charging, the generator may be damaged by an overvoltage. This tip can be avoided by giving the generator output a connector to ground through a power resistor just when the switch is turned off. Our emergency stop for motorsport has an extra switch set "2" which is open when the switch is on, but which comes into contact when the switch is off.

A generator can still charge even when the battery is turned off, so disconnecting the battery does not stop the engine running. The emergency stop switch has a third set of switches (marked "1"), which switches off the ignition circuit when the switch is switched off.

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Emergency stop cable

3.5m cable for emergency stop switch
From €10,07

Emergency stop switch

Exterior emergency stop for racing cars running motorsports
From €10,07

Electrical main switch (MAX 1500A)

Electric main switch which can be mounted close to the battery. Easy installation.