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Tower struts/braces - Get your car/body stiffened with tower struts

With a tower strut, you make your car's body stiffer. It ensures that the body does not give way if you have a powerful engine in the car or you take turns with high speed and load. It makes you get better driving characteristics such as understeer, as the car becomes torsionally stable and thus the wheels get more grip on the ground. Stiffness in the body is important if you drive motorsports. A tower strut is mounted between the towers in the front or rear of the car, often it can be mounted with the existing bolts or nuts. If you want even better control and management of your car, you should consider upgrading the car's shock absorber.


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Strut for the BMW E30 undercarriage

€104,23 €50,42

Rear tower strut - Choose from several models

BMW E30, E36, E46 Nissan.
From €59,20

Tower brackets in front - Choose from several models

BMW E30, E36, E46, E34, E39, E31, E24, E28, E32, E38, Nissan.
From €84,22