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    VW Tuning

    If you are looking for a huge selection of parts for VW tuning, then you have come to the right place. Here you will find a large assortment of parts for tuning VW. Whether it's a k04 turbo, a pipe tail for your exhaust, a new blowoff valve or r8 ignition coils, we've got it. Maybe you want to increase hp with a downpipe or new sports exhaust for your VW. The parts fit a wide range of VW models, such as Golf 1, Golf 2, Golf 3, Golf 4, Golf 5, Golf 6, Golf 7, Golf R, GTI, Polo, Scirocco, Bora, Caddy and more.

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    Connector for FSI / TFSI - 3.5mm. pin

    Complete kit (Connectors, plugs and rubber caps) Fits the ignition coil with the "large" connector. Used for example when installing programmable motor control and TFSI ignition coils.
    €4,83 incl tax

    TFSI ignition coils - 0 221 604 800 Bosch - Red

    Powerful ignition coil for TFSI from Bosch
    From €32,17 incl tax

    VAG 1.8T KIT - Support bolts and copper nuts

    Pin bolts and nuts.
    €28,42 incl tax €24,13 incl tax

    Oil supply kit for VAG 1.8T / BMW M20 / BMW M50 / VR6

    110cm. hose. - Nipples: 1/8 "-27 NPT + M12x1.25 + M12x1.5 to AN4
    €53,51 incl tax

    Upgrade manifold 1.8T transverse

    35% more flow
    €138,87 incl tax

    Exhaust gasket / Manifold gasket 1.8T

    Gasket between cylinder head and exhaust manifold. Very good that when new manifold is needed.
    €16,09 incl tax €13,40 incl tax

    Accel Spark Plug for VW - 0786

    Turbocharged tubes from the United States with copper cores that offer less resistance and stronger spark but shorter life (15,000km)
    €10,19 incl tax

    Audi A4, A6 and VW Passat - 1.8T downpipe - 76m.

    Here you get a stainless steel tube for the Audi A4 1.8T long-range engine.
    €145,41 incl tax €128,57 incl tax

    Swirl flap delete kit - TFSI EA113

    Removes swirl flap
    €45,57 incl tax

    Oil return kit for 1.8T

    Kit with fittings and hose for 1.8T return.
    €50,94 incl tax €46,92 incl tax

    EGR eleminator / EGR delete kit for VAG 2.0 TDI

    EGR delete kit for VAG 2.0 TDI
    €60,32 incl tax

    Upgrade gas pump for VAG - High flow

    Petrol pump for VAG cars. Up to 550 hp.
    €96,40 incl tax
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