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Qualitec's supplier of quality - With low prices

Here you see products from our supplier who supply e.g. silicone hoses, clamping bands, intercooler, cooler, oil cooler, petrol pumps, fuel cell, etc. for motorsport, boost controller, misc. exhaust parts, aluminum pipes, heat shield, catalytic converter, turbocharger, blow off valves etc etc...

Specially made according to Qualitec's wishes

We sell many products from popular brands such as Mishimotor, turbosmart, etc. Therefore, we have the opportunity to see which products are popular and here we can learn which products we need to order home. We can also have products made according to our wishes. Ex. we can make radiators for BMW E36 & E46 with extra wide element (56mm.) where it is normally 42mm. - That is 34% more cooling effect. - But at the next same price - But a much lower price than, for example, Mishimotor.

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