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    Connectors for car & engine compartment - High quality

    When buying plugs for your car and engine compartment, there are some key elements you should be aware of. Whether it's plug pins, nozzle plugs, or plugs for ignition coils, it's critical to choose high-quality products that can handle required current levels and are resistant to heat and corrosion. They must also fit exactly in relation to the respective connections in your car. Plugs designed for use in the engine compartment must be robust enough to withstand the high temperatures and vibrations.

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    Bosch plug 2 leg plug - Nozzle plug

    Nozzles and idle motor plugs, etc.
    From €1,61 incl tax

    Connector for FSI / TFSI - 3.5mm. pin

    Complete kit (Connectors, plugs and rubber caps) Fits the ignition coil with the "large" connector. Used for example when installing programmable motor control and TFSI ignition coils.
    €4,83 incl tax

    Bosch piece 3 leg piece

    Nozzles and idle motor plugs, etc.
    From €2,68 incl tax

    Connectors for Bosch connectors - 3,5mm.

    Legs for Bosch connectors
    From €0,20 incl tax

    EV6 / EV14 connector for nozzles

    Fits nozzles with EV6 & EV14 connection.
    From €4,02 incl tax

    Straight Boot - 2 pin

    €2,01 incl tax

    Straight Boot - 4 pin

    €2,41 incl tax