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Cheap Intercooler - Buy a high-quality intercooler

Below you will find different types of the intercooler, we have universal intercooler which can be used for all cars and use for all kinds of motorsport. If you choose a universal intercooler, you can see the dimensions of the intercoolers under the description. The quality of these intercoolers is top-notch and the cooling effect is really good. You will also find intercooler kits which are often directly for mounting. They are an easy and cheap way to get extra power out of his car. Feel free to contact us by mail if you have any questions or want to buy these intercoolers.

Silicone hoses for intercooler

Should you use silicone hoses, reductions bend or just hoses, we have it too. Also, remember to buy stainless steel clamps and stainless steel pipes for intercooler mounting.
It finds snakes the link here: Silicone hoses for boat, car & motorsport

Cooling the charge air temperature

When air is compressed, heat is generated, the more pressure, the more heat is generated. For this, radiator fins are mounted on the car workshop's compressor/cylinder. The heat is also developed when you mount a turbo or compressor on your engine. Heat is also transferred from the turbocharger's turbine housing to the pressure side. In very extreme cases, the temperature can reach around 145 ° C. At high intake temperatures, you get less power out of your engine, the engine is easier to ignite which can damage your engines if no knock sensor is fitted to avoid this.
Hot intake air also fills much more than cold air, this means that not as much air can enter the cylinder as if the air were cold. Less effect.

You have 2 options to solve the problem with the high intake temperature. You can mount an intercooler in a good size, which now has room in the car. You can also install water injection which is a very effective way to solve the problem if you do not have room for a large intercooler. - You can of course also combine the 2 and get extra much effect out of it.

An intercooler can have an efficiency of up to about 69% - If you have an intake temperature of 50 degrees, for example, you can reduce it to around 14 degrees. This depends a lot on the outdoor temperature and air velocity through the intercooler.

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Picture of Intercooler 2.5 "- Bar and plate

Intercooler 2.5 "- Bar and plate

Here is an intercooler that can cool up to 300hp. The dimensions of this intercooler are H: 150 L: 680 B: 90 - 300hp
Picture of Intercooler 2.5 "- Same side - Bar and plate

Intercooler 2.5 "- Same side - Bar and plate

Intercooler with studs in the same side.
Picture of Intercooler 2.5 "Two pass design - Bar and plate

Intercooler 2.5 "Two pass design - Bar and plate

Studs in the same page. 550x230x65mm
Picture of Intercooler 3 "Two pass design - Bar and plate

Intercooler 3 "Two pass design - Bar and plate

Studs in the same page. 400x300x76mm.