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Ignition lock - Start panel - Ignition panel - On / off

With these panels, buttons, and switches you can create an ignition system for your car that is completely unique. They are super quality and the price is at rock bottom. We have, for example, a touch panel with 6 pcs. thermal fuses that come with different stickers so you can make each button for what you use it for. This can be, for example, for wipers, daytime running lights, cabin lights, or voltage for motor control. You will also find, for example, different flip switches with or without rear panel, these are often used if you have a simple electrical system where you do not need many flip switches. These panels are often equipped with a start button, it can be connected directly to at. 50 on your starter motor. If you need to build a panel in your boat, we also have waterproof ignition panels with 4.6 or 8 contacts.


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Contact for electricity - Electrical contact

Battery plus switch.

Start button for motorsport - Lowcost

Start button for starter.
€10,08 €5,04

Ignition panel with start button and 1 extra ON / OFF switch

Panel for motorsports
€35,63 €19,33

Ignition panel with start button and 2 additional ON / OFF switches

Panel for motorsports
€47,06 €22,86

Ignition panel with start button and 3 additional ON / OFF switches

Panel for motorsports
€50,42 €43,70

Ignition panel with start button and main switch

Main switch and star button with lamp.
€53,78 €21,85

Waterproof ignition panel

Panel for motorsports
From €8,40

Engine starter

Engine start button
€20,17 €13,31

2 Pin ON-OFF switch

Small round switch. D: 23mm