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    Cut off valves / On/OFF valve for fuel or brakes

    Cut off valves / On/OFF valve for fuel or brakes

    On / Off Flow Valves for fuel systems and brake systems. carry these fittings as stock items and can generally ship within 24 hours of ordering.

    If you're unable to find the fitting you need, feel free to contact us

    AN fitting sizes:
    AN-4 fitting uses approx. 6mm hoses.
    AN-6 fitting uses approx. 8mm hoses.
    AN-8 fitting uses approx. 10mm hoses.
    AN-10 fitting uses approx. 14mm hoses.
    AN-12 fitting uses approx. 17,5mm hoses.
    AN-16 fitting uses approx. 23,8mm hoses.
    AN-20 fitting uses approx. 28mm hoses.

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    Pro fuel filter with ball valve - AN12

    Petrol filter that can be used for fuels such as gasoline, methanol and diesel. Outer diameter of 50.4mm - 60micron filter
    €49,59 incl tax

    ON / OFF valve with 3/8" NPT female thread

    Length 45mm.
    €21,44 incl tax €14,47 incl tax

    ON / OFF valve with 1/2 "NPT female thread

    Length 60mm.
    €21,44 incl tax €14,47 incl tax

    ON / OFF valve with 3/4 "NPT male thread -> 20 mm hoses

    Length without fittings: 55mm
    €20,37 incl tax