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Fuel injectors for tuning and motorsport

Fuel injectors for motorsport, eg drifting, drag race, rally, etc. All great quality and value for money. Qualitec has sold these injectors since 2006 and never had any issues with them. They are stable and squirt perfectly. We import the injectors from the USA and Canada. 

Mounting of the Injectors

These nozzles are very easy to mount, as you can get injectors that fit the plugs in your car. These injectors often fit in length, compared to the original injectors in the engine. However in VAG cars, sometimes the originals are a bit shorter. In that case, you can use the spacers located at the bottom of the page. 

Choosing the correct sized fuel injectors

When picking injectors for your tuning project, you need to know how many horsepowers your want to get. Make sure to get injectors that can handle a bit more then you need, so they dont need to fully open at maximum power. So if your aiming for 300 horsepowers, on a 4 cylinder engine, you need 4x 441 cc. injectors.(4 x 80 horsepowers = 320 horsepowers) 

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252cc. Injector

Highroom Injector that can deliver 45 hp per nozzle at 3 bar pressure

315 ml injector

Highroom injector that can deliver 57 hp per nozzle at 3 bar pressure.

441 ml injector - Holley EFI

High Z injector that can deliver 80 hp per nozzle at 3 bar pressure.

460 ml Injector

Højoms Injector which can deliver 85 hp per nozzle at 3 bar pressure.
€50,40 €43,01

504 ml Injector - Holley

Highroom Injector that can deliver 91 hp per nozzles at 3 bar pressure.

668 ml Injector - Siemens deka

High pressure Injector that can deliver 120 hp per nozzle at 3 bar pressure.

668 ml Injector - Nipon denso

High ohm's Injector that can deliver 120 hp per. Injector at 3 bar pressure. Made with Nipon Denso connectors so they fit directly to cars that drive with this.

875cc Injector - Siemens

High ohm injector that can deliver 157 hp per nozzle at 3 bar pressure.

1260 ml Injector - Petrol & Ethanol flex fuel

Low ohm Injector that can deliver 227 hp per Injector at 3 bar pressure.

1682 ml Injector - Petrol & Ethanol flex fuel

Lavohms Injector that can deliver 290 hp per Injector at 3 bar pressure.

Spacers for 1.8T motor

Spacers used for mounting other nozzles on 1.8T motor. 1 set.

O-ring for Injector - 14mm. connection

O-ring so your Injector fit in 14mm. fuel rail - Inside diameter 7,7mm.

O-ring for Injector - Denso 10mm. connection (External dimensions 11.8mm)

O-ring so your Injector fit in 10mm. denso Injector bridge

Lexus 9.5mm O-ring. connection

O-ring of 9.5 mm. fits in Lexus.

O-ring for Toyota 16mm. connection

O-ring with 16.4 mm. connector that fits your Toyota

Universal Injector holder / fittings - Nuke performance

1pc Injector Bracket 2pc Screws M4 * 6 Stainless Steel.

373cc fuel injector - Bosch

1.00144.01011-Bosch 373
€77,95 €71,90

465cc Green fuel injector - Bosch

€77,95 €70,56

1200cc fuel injector - Bosch

1.00144.01011-Bosch 1200cc

1300cc fuel injector - Bosch


1500cc fuel injector - Bosch


1700cc fuel injector - Bosch


2200cc fuel injector - Bosch


2200cc NGI2 fuel injector - Bosch


550cc fuel injector - Bosch

€77,95 €67,20

630cc fuel injector - Bosch

€77,95 €69,88

630cc fuel injector - Siemens deka


870cc fuel injector - Bosch

€77,95 €73,92

980cc fuel injector - Bosch

€94,07 €79,29

Fuel injector adaptor - 16mm. to 14mm.

These spacers are used to convert fuel rails with 16mm injector holes to 14mm. - 2 pieces/set

Injector adapter 14mm short

Top adapter to extend the injector. Used mainly for short injectors such as Bosch 630cc, 980cc, 1200cc, 1300cc etc. Extends the injector 15mm.