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Simons, Vibrant performance & Magnaflow

Below you will find cheap intermediate pots and mufflers for sports exhaust, with and without turbo. These universal mufflers are typical flow mufflers, thus providing good sound and high flow in the exhaust. For building "build yourself an exhaust", cheap stainless steel dairy pipes and stainless steel pipe bends are often used, which we also have here at the shop. If you have questions about "Do it yourself exhaust", you are welcome to write an email to us.

Vibrant's stainless-steel silencers.

Race silencers made of high-quality stainless steel. This type of muffler is designed to be used when a "muffler" is required in motorsports. For this reason, the sound attenuation is not as great as other models.

  • Very lightweight and compact.
  • Ideal to go through a racecourse inspection where mufflers are required.
  • Made of 304 stainless steel.
  • Available in 5 "and 9".

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"DUO 76" Stainless Silencer 2 x 3 "- Simons U3476DR

Ø 140 / 220mm. Total Length: 450mm. Center-Center 80mm.
1.802,81 kr

"DUO 51" - Stainless Silencer 2 x 2 "- Simons U3451DR

Ø 115 / 185mm. Length: 315mm.
1.802,81 kr

"DUO 63" - Stainless Silencer 2 x 2½ "- Simons U3463DR

Ø 115 / 185mm. Length: 450mm.
1.802,81 kr

"GRAND" - Stainless 3.5 "- Simons U328900R

Oval 140 / 220mm. L = 500 mm (Ex connection)
2.403,74 kr

"Grandotight" - Stainless 3.5 "- Simons U308900R

Oval 140 / 220mm. L = 250 mm (Ex connection)
1.754,73 kr

"Turbolight" - Stainless 3 "- Simons U337600R

L:558mm. Ø140/220mm.
1.754,73 kr