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Cheap stainless steel clamps

The quality of the straps can be very different. There are eg 304 and 316 where 316 is a better quality that lasts much better. However, it must be said that it is often by boats and saltwater that regular 304 stainless steel clamps do not last as long. Our quality clamps can be used for many purposes, often they are used for silicone hoses, petrol hoses, water hoses or ventilation. We try to have the best prices on stainless steel clamps in many sizes. If you need a strap we do not have below, you are welcome to write an email to us.

Sizes of stainless steel T-bolt stainless steel clamps

When you have to choose the size of the clamps you need, we have written it so that eg a 2 "clamp measures between 54 - 62mm. Ie that the maximum size of the clamp is 62mm. And a minimum of 54mm. the inch size stated so that they fit over eg 2-inch silicone hose

Most other stainless steel clamps we have below are listed only in mm. measurements and therefore only have a max and min. diameter they span. 

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T-bolt stainless clamps 1.5 "

40 - 46mm.
26,48 kr

T-bolt stainless clamps 1.6 "

45 - 53mm.
26,48 kr

T-bolt stainless clamp 1.75 "

50 - 57mm.
26,48 kr

T-bolt stainless clamp 2 "

54 - 62mm.
26,48 kr

T-bolt stainless clamp 2½ "

67 - 75mm.
27,87 kr

T-bolt stainless clamp 3 "

79 - 87mm.
30,66 kr

T-bolt stainless clamps 3½ "

92 - 100mm.
48,77 kr

T-bolt stainless clamp 4 "

105 - 113mm.
52,26 kr

T-bolt Powerful 23-25mm.

0.95 "
29,61 kr