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    Filter cleaning

    CN filter oil & CN filter cleaner

    Here you get a kit to clean your KN filter - It is KN filter cleaner and KN filter oil also called KN filter service kit.

    Cleaning the KN filter is very simple. Below is a video you can watch, just spray the air filter into the cleaner provided, let it sit and work for approx. 10 minutes. Then rinse the filter with clean water until the filter is completely clean. Allow the air filter to air dry and spray the oil supplied as well. It is because it takes the small particles that would otherwise come through. Super cleaning kit for KN filter.

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    K&N air filter oil - Spray - 408ml.

    Air filter oil / oil spray
    €14,26 incl tax €11,39 incl tax

    K&N filter cleaning kit - Spray

    Soap & Oil
    €17,16 incl tax

    K&N cleaning fluid 3,8 liter

    €42,76 incl tax €37,42 incl tax

    K&N air filter oil 250ml. - Don't spray

    Air filter oil / oil spray
    €6,65 incl tax