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    AEM engine control

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    AEM engine control

    Below you will find the different types of AEM engine control. There are different price ranges depending on what car or what the engine control is to be used for.

    AEM EMS-4 is a good choice for those who have a 4-cylinder engine where, for example, driving with throttle bodies. It can also be used for pressure charging if an AEM Maps sensor is purchased.

    If you do not find the motor control you need, feel free to contact us.

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    AEM engine control for Nissan - Plug and play

    AEM engine control. Series 2 Plug and Play EMS for: 76 Pins M / T. 88-90 180SX CA18DET JPN, 88-90 Silvia CA18DET JPN, 94-96 Silvia SR20DET JPN
    €1256,13 incl tax

    Toyota Supra 93-98 - PNP engine management

    AEM engine control. Series 2 Plug and Play EMS for Toyota Supra.
    €1498,46 incl tax