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Universal cooling fan for motorsports

Here you will find a radiator fan for mounting on the radiator & intercooler. We have several models and sizes. Can strongly recommend taking a closer look at Perma-cool's cooling fan as it cools incredibly well and is of top quality. Imported from the USA. They are often used for motorsports where high cooling is required. Possibly. for operation, 402 meters, rally, tuning, etc.

Cooling fan assembly

Mounting the radiator fan is very easy, Perma-cool comes with mounting brackets and strips that are run through the radiator and then set to 12v from a working relay, often controlled by engine control or via a switch in the cabin. If you buy the cheaper fans, you can also mount them by setting 6mm. bolts through with a large plastic washer on each side of the radiator.

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Cooling fan assembly kit

Cooling fan assembly kit for our cooler fan.

Electric thermostat controlled relay kit - 85 degrees

Relay kit with temperature sensor that started eg cooling fan at 85 degrees.

SPAL Fan Mounting Pin (1 Pieces)


Oil cooler bracket for fan

Bracket for oil cooler for mounting fan

Cooling fan - SPAL motorsport

Radiator fan that has very large cooling effect - Choose from 7.5 / 10/12/14/13/16 "
From €127,70

SPAL 30130074 gasket

Fits the VA18