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    If you are looking for a large selection of tuning parts for Nissan tuning, then you have come to the right place. Here you will find a large assortment of parts for tuning Nissan. If you are looking for a turbo, a pipe tail for your exhaust, a new blowoff valve or a cooler, we have it. Maybe you want to increase hp with a downpipe or new sports exhaust for your Nissan. The parts fit a wide range of Nissan models, such as Nissan 300ZX, Datsun Cherry, GT-R, Juke, S13, S14, S15, 180SX, 200SX, 240SX and 300ZX.

    These engines run with M12x1.25 in the oil inlet
    S13 Silvia "SR20DET", RPS13 180sx "SR20DET", S14 Silvia "SR20DET", S15 Silvia "SR20DET",RNN14 GTiR "SR20DET", T30 X-Trail "SR20VET", U12 Bluebird "SR20DET", U13 Bluebird "SR20DET", R32 Skyline, "RB20DET, R32 Skyline "RB26DETT", R33 Skyline "RB25DET", R33 Skyline "RB26DETT", R34 Skyline, 'RB25DET", R34 Skyline "RB26DETT"

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    Pin / support bolt 8mm. - Length 43mm. - Chest is in the middle

    Fits ex RB25. Thread increase is 1.25
    From €1,07 incl tax

    Nissan S13 R32 Manual - Alu cooler

    Here is a nuclear cooler from a Nissan S13 R32 with manual transmission.
    €149,57 incl tax €120,62 incl tax

    Fuel Rail Adapter Mazda, Nissan, Subaru

    Mazda 13B REW Nissan CA18DET SR20DET, RB25DET, RB26DETT Subaru EJ20, EJ25
    €16,08 incl tax

    Nissan CA18DET - Turbomanifold

    Turbomanifold til Nissan CA18DET. Til standard eller upgrade turbo.
    €171,02 incl tax

    Nissan RB20 RB25 turbo manifold - T3

    Stainless turbomanifold in incredibly high quality
    €171,02 incl tax

    Nissan 89-93 S13 R32 automatic transmission - Alu cooler

    Alu cooler for Nissan 89-93 S13 R32 with automatic transmission.
    €149,57 incl tax

    Nissan Skyline R33 manual and automatic transmission - Alu cooler

    Alu cooler for Nissan Skyline R33 with manual or automatic transmission.
    €149,57 incl tax €134,03 incl tax

    Nissan datsun 1200 1.2L B110 A12 A12T MT 1970-1976

    Element: 332x338mm.
    From €134,03 incl tax

    Fuel Rail - Nissan RB25

    Everything in the pictures is included
    €106,69 incl tax €40,21 incl tax

    89-94 NISSAN 240SX S13 SILVIA automatic transmission - Alu cooler

    Alu cooler for 89-94 NISSAN 240SX S13 SILVIA
    €149,57 incl tax €134,03 incl tax

    ACL connecting rod bearings - Nissan CA18

    We provide all sizes from ACL to Nissan CA16DET / CA18ET / 20ET Std.
    From €52,27 incl tax

    ACL Conrod Bearing Shell Nissan CA16DET / CA18ET / 20ET Std.

    1 set.
    €52,27 incl tax

    AEM engine control for Nissan - Plug and play

    AEM engine control. Series 2 Plug and Play EMS for: 76 Pins M / T. 88-90 180SX CA18DET JPN, 88-90 Silvia CA18DET JPN, 94-96 Silvia SR20DET JPN
    €1256,10 incl tax

    ARP Nissan SR20 Rod Bolt Kit

    €96,50 incl tax

    ARP Nissan CA16DE / IT + CA18DE / IT Head Stud Kit

    €147,43 incl tax
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