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    Neck brace

    Neck Brace is essential Safety Equipment for Motorsport

    In the world of motorsport, safety is paramount, and a neck brace is an indispensable part of any race driver's gear. This specialized collar is designed to protect the neck and head during high speeds and sharp turns.

    By supporting the neck, the neck brace reduces the risk of serious injuries in the event of an accident or collision. It stabilizes the head and limits neck movement, minimizing the risk of whiplash and other injuries.

    With a lightweight construction and adjustable straps, the neck brace is comfortable to wear and adapts to different body shapes and sizes. It ensures a proper fit, allowing the race driver to move freely behind the wheel without compromising safety.

    Whether on the racetrack or rally circuit, a neck brace is an essential tool for any motorsport athlete prioritizing safety and performance.

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    Black - Neck collar Nomex III - QSP

    One Size
    €55,22 incl tax

    Black - Neck requirements FIA Nomex - OMP

    One Size
    €64,33 incl tax

    Black - Neck collar Nomex Anatomical - OMP

    One Size
    €98,64 incl tax

    Blue - Neck requirements FIA Nomex - OMP

    One Size
    €64,33 incl tax