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    Terms of trade

    If we do not offer to send to your country, feel free to contact us, and we will investigate if we can ship to your country and at what price!

    Free Shipping

    Due to price difference in shipping costs, free shipping will be offered at the following intervals: 

    Free shipping from 650 EURO to Belgium, Finland, France, Italy, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Austria, Sweden and, Germany!

    Free Shipping from 1000 EURO to Poland, Portugal, Ireland, Estonia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Latvia, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, and Hungary at 1000.

    Free shipping is always based on the cheapest shipping option available, so additional fees can apply!

    Return of item / turbocharger / defective item

    1. Send the item back incl. a copy of the invoice

    2. For return policy write an invoice: Will use 14 days return policy. In case of defective parts: Write what is wrong and how it happened, feel free to send an email with a video. When exchanging for another item, it must be written on the invoice which item you want or a link to the website. When returning the turbocharger deposit, write: Deposit

    3. Write Reg. & account no. on invoice

    4. We check defective goods and send any. new if this is the case. Here you will find our terms and conditions that apply to online purchases at Qualitec, you are of course always welcome to contact us if you have further questions.

    Trading terms for Qualitec

    All items on the website may only be used for motorsport. Qualitec cannot be held responsible for goods sold being used on public roads or other areas where it is not legal. Trading terms, which are stated below, apply to all your orders and online purchases at, etc. You are therefore encouraged to read the terms and conditions carefully so that you know your rights and obligations before you buy goods from us. For each purchase, we ask you to accept the terms in the terms of trade. All contracts are entered into in Danish.



    All prices are in DKK and incl. 25% VAT.
    Prices on the order date are applicable.
    Shipping and delivery costs and possibly payment card fees are stated before your purchase.

    Blackfriday does not apply to discounts for eg: Water injection kit, race engine kit, Garrett GTX, Magnaflow Catback systems, and already heavily discounted items. There may be other parts that we can not give a discount on, here we will contact you for information and the possibility of cancellation of the order.

    Ordering products

    1) Find the items you want to buy and put them in the basket. 2) Go to the basket (Check out). 3) Enter personal information and select the payment method. 4) Approve the order. 5) We will send an order confirmation to you by email.

    If you want to order items that are not part of our regular range, we ask you please contact us by phone +45 23 11 11 88. NOTE: Many of the items we sell are non-original and universal that can be used on many types of cars. We cannot return the item due to the customer not being able to assess whether the item cannot be adapted to the vehicle If the item has been sample mounted or not returned within 14 days the item cannot be returned.

    Shipping and delivery costs

    We send all goods with Post-Danmark or GLS, which offers reliable high-quality package distribution. The typical delivery time in Denmark for stock items is approx. 2-7 business days. If GLS is chosen as the delivery method, the order must be placed no later than 13 to be shipped the same day for the stock item. If Qualitec receives ordered goods returned due to incorrect or defective information about the delivery address, you must hold the delivery costs for the return of the item by Post Denmark or GLS to the correct address. We, therefore, ask you to give us accurate information about the delivery address. Delivery costs appear at Checkout before payment.



    You can pay to Qualitec using Visa or Mastercard or Bank transfer. If you pay with a debit card, you are always insured against abuse. You have the option to reject a payment when you receive your payment summary. You have no deductible in case of your card being misused in an online store that uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) in its payment system. Thus, you are better secured than in the physical world, where you have a deductible of 1200 DKK if your Dankort is misused using the PIN code. Data you send in connection with purchases paid for with payment cards is encrypted (SSL) and thus only PBS can read them. So not Qualitec.

    Personal Information

    In order to send goods to you and provide you with the optimal service, we register your name, address, telephone number, fax, email, and your personally selected password.
    The information is treated confidentially at the encrypted server and is not passed on to third parties.
    It is so only Qualitec, which has access to the information. We register no sensitive personal information. You can on "my page" even access your data and thus follow your order, see previous orders, print copy of previous order confirmations, make a wish list, and more.


    You always have a 14-day right of withdrawal when you shop at Qualitec. The right of withdrawal runs from the day you received your item. The right of withdrawal can only be exercised if the item is returned in substantially the same condition and quantity. The right of withdrawal lapses that is, if you use the item in a way that is quite obvious significantly reduces the sales value of the item.

    When the right of withdrawal utilized, you must pay the shipping costs yourself by sending item return, as well as shipping costs there in connection with the delivery to you.
    Please note that we do not accept packages sent by post as pay on delivery.

    Products, where there are specifications, instructions, warnings or other essential information on the packaging, the intact original packaging is always a significant part of the value of the item, and the packaging must therefore always be sent back in good conditions to exercise the right of withdrawal. We ask you to make sure that the item is properly packaged so that it does not get damaged during shipping in connection with the return. If we consider that the conditions for exercising the right of withdrawal are not met, we will contact you by email with a more detailed reason for this.

    If you want to have an item returned that has exceeded the 14-day right of return, this can typically also be done, we charge a fee of 50% of the item's price + shipping and delivery costs.

    Special items

    When buying eg Plug and play engine management and refurbished turbocharger that is not in stock, order a special home for your order - That is, it is a special item for which there is no 14-day return policy.

    Processing time/return fees

    It's about 7 days processing time for an

    item return. When returning an order above the "free shipping" limit, there will be a return fee of DKK 150 for shipping and card fees.

    Packages that are sent back MUST be sent to the company address.

    If you ship to a parcel shop, a collection fee of DKK 150 is charged.

    Right of complaint

    When you shop at Qualitec, you of course have 24 months' right of complaint.
    This means that you can either have the item repaired, exchanged, money back or reduction in price, depending on its concrete situation.

    This of course requires that the complaint is justified and that the defect has not arisen as a result of erroneous use of the product,
    harmful behavior, use of incorrect voltage, current type, collisions and accidents, vandalism, or similar.

    You need to be aware that the moving parts in the car's driveline wear during use and thus have limited life.

    It must be advertised within a reasonable time after you have discovered the defect in the item. If advertised within 2 months after the defect is discovered, the complaint will always be timely.
    We will refund reasonable shipping costs as you may have in connection with the return of the item when the complaint is justified.

    Always remember to send the item back in proper packaging and get a receipt for shipment so we can refund you your costs. Once we have received your item returned, we will contact you for an agreement on the further course.

    Note that we do not receive packages sent by pay on delivery and packages without accompanying error description. If it turns out that the item does not suffer from errors or defects covered by the right of complaint, you must pay Qualitec a standard handling fee of DKK 250 plus 525 DKK per commenced workshop hour taken in connection with the error investigation. You must also pay for the return shipping.

    Qualitec is entitled to demand payment from the handling fee, workshop hours, and return shipping before the item returned to you.

    In all cases, one of the following MUST be included:
    Copy of invoice or Order number must be provided.
    And there must be a description of errors, omissions or possibly. other things.

    If this is not met, it costs a fee of DKK 250.

    Turbochargers that are returned without any defects, happens when the fault is on the car, and the amount will not be refunded.

    However, you have the opportunity to get past our workshop and get troubleshooting the problem.
    If the fault here is found to be on the turbocharger, the hourly wage is free.
    If the fault is found on the car or a fault during installation, the customer pays hourly wages.
    It must be expected when buying a turbocharger with and without VNT must be adjusted to the original or to desired charge pressure, this is for both original and non-original turbos.

    Original turbochargers that are sent back for the return of deposit must be received by Qualitec within 10 days, otherwise, the right to return deposit is waived.


    If you want us to repair an item, the price is DKK 525 per. commenced workshop hour with the addition of costs for return shipping. We always contact you before we make a repair. If you do not want to have a repair carried out we will return after arranging the item for you, as you are obliged to pay one handling fee of DKK 250 plus DKK 525 per commenced workshop hours taken in connection with the fault investigation.

    You must also pay for the return shipping. Qualitec is entitled to require payment of the handling fee, workshop hours, and return shipping before the item is returned to you. Limitation of liability Qualitec cannot be held liable for indirect losses, including consequential damages, operating and revenue losses, profit losses, time losses, deprivation losses or other indirect losses unless otherwise follows from ordinary

    Danish law mandatory rules. Parts that are damaged by overload, motorsport, incorrectly mounted, or mounted on motors where the performance has been increased beyond the factory specifications are not covered.

    Operational losses, direct and indirect damages, or work when replacing a defective product are not covered by the complaint, nor must the product have been attempted to be separated.

    Documentation of correct installation in the form of image material and invoice from authorized fitter required. Post-fitting of the turbo on cars not imported with a turbo is considered conversion to motorsport and thereby Qualitec disclaims all responsibility application.



    Contact info: 

    Qualitec APS

    Herningvej 95
    6950, Ringkøbing - Denmark
    CVR/SE-nr. 44243539
    Mail: [email protected]


    Telefon +45 23 11 11 88