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Assorted parts for Simon's special exhaust

For custom made exhaust, many parts are used for assembling exhaust pipes, therefore you will find all the parts that need to be used for custom made simons exhaust, eg reduction, stainless steel flex pipes, and v-band clamps. If you need any parts for building the exhaust, you are welcome to write an email to us.

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Exhaust Paste - Exhaust Seals

Exhaust paste to collect exhaust

Stainless Reduction - Simons 2½ "(51 - 63mm.) - U076300R

€20,16 €15,12

Stainless Reduction - Simons 3 "(64 - 76mm.) - U077600R

€24,87 €16,80

Stainless Reduction - Simons 2 "(41 - 51mm.) - U075100R

€16,80 €13,44