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Engine oil for tuning and street use

We recommend buying our additive (TEC 2000), which contains zinc, which was in oil before. The addition increases the wear resistance of all movable parts in the engine, turbo, etc. It is no longer legal for the oil producers to supply it themselves, but it is legal to do so themselves. This applies to both the everyday car and your tuned / motorsport car.

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Which engine oil should my car/engine use?

If you are unsure what oil to use for your engine feel free to contact us.

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NEO Synthetics - Keep cool - (Water Wetter)

This liquid is not greasy.



CRC - Engine Rinsing / Engine Cleaning

Used to clean engine before turbocharger replacement. Recommended to use at least once before installing new turbo.

Rotrex - Oil filter Magnetic filter




Bell Add the service's 1D +, 200 ml

Diesel care for the tank is used as an addition to the diesel fuel being refueled. Since there are many requirements for pollution.

Bell ADD service's 2D - Diesel suction cleaner

Diesel suction cleaner is an active cleaner for use in suction and damper areas of diesel engines.
€24,06 €22,99

Brake cleaner

Here you get 500ml. brake cleaner at a very cheap price.

brake fluid

Here you get brake fluid in different sizes. It is a super brake fluid for brakes and clutch.

LOCTITE 270 - 24ml.


Manista hand cleaner for workshop

Here is a super good hand sanitizer product from Manista. Cheap hand sanitizer.
From €16,80

Rotrex - Oil SX150 - 1 liter compressor oil

R2167 - The Rotrex SX150 traction oil is the only oil to be used on the Rotrex compressor, as it is precisely this special oil that provides the friction in the patented Rotrex traction drive. It is important to change oil and filter every 80,000 km or every two years, whichever comes first.

Total Transmission Dual 9 FE 75W-90 - 1 liter

Fully synthetic gear oil that can be used for many gears. Really good gear oil.
€18,15 €13,31