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    Powerwrap for exhausts

    Power wrap for exhaust pipe, used for when you need to keep the heat from the exhaust and exhaust manifold out of the engine room. When you apply power wrap to the manifold, it helps with keeping the heat inside the manifold, and if you use a turbo, it will typically pressurize quicker, as the heat fills up and assists with winding up the turbochargers revolutions. Our power wrap is not the cheapest on the market, but its incredibly high quality, which handles very high temperatures and is easy to work with.  

    Exhaust wrap - Application

    When you need to wrap your exhaust or manifold, its a good idea to do the following:

    1. Always use protective gloves
    2. Soak the needed amount of power wrap in water for about 5 min. To soften the wrap, and make it easier to work with.
    3. Make sure to a generous overlap, so it retains the heat better.
    4. Finish by wrapping it with steel wire or fastening it with steel strips.
    5. Allow the power wrap to dry for about 24hrs. 

    See what else we can offer in the field of heat shield.

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    Stainless steel strips 4.5mm.

    From €0,21 incl tax

    Stainless strips 8mm. - Extremely powerful

    From €0,40 incl tax

    Powerwrap - Titanium 15 meters

    Brede: 51mm.
    €45,57 incl tax

    Powerwrap - Titanium 10 meters

    Brede: 51mm.
    €30,56 incl tax

    Power wrap - Titanium 15m - DEI

    51mm wide
    €73,72 incl tax

    Power wrap - Titanium 30m - DEI

    51mm wide
    €120,64 incl tax

    Black power wrap - 15 meters

    Wide 51mm.
    €45,57 incl tax

    Power wrap - Titanium 15m - DEI

    25.4mm wide
    €56,30 incl tax

    Power wrap - Black Titanium 15m - DEI

    51mm wide
    €83,11 incl tax

    Powerwrap - White

    White powerwrap which is neutral in the engine compartment.
    €40,21 incl tax €34,85 incl tax

    Black powerwrap - 10 meters

    Wide 51mm.
    €35,92 incl tax

    Power wrap - Lava 15m - Torque Solution

    51mm wide
    €58,44 incl tax

    Power wrap - Titanium 4.5m - DEI

    51mm wide
    €40,21 incl tax €34,85 incl tax

    Power wrap - Titanium 10m - DEI

    51mm wide
    €53,62 incl tax

    Stainless strips

    Stainless strips for putting out powerwrap on exhaust
    From €0,21 incl tax