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    Hose joiners

    Hose joiners are an essential element in any car tuning project. These components are used to connect two hoses, ensuring a safe and reliable connection. Whether you are working on the cooling system, fuel system or other parts of your car, our hose joiners will help you easily join the hoses. We offer hose collectors in various sizes and materials to suit your specific needs. They are designed to be easy to install and resistant to the harsh conditions of the engine compartment. Browse our range and find the right solution for your tuning project.

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    Hose Joiner 63mm.

    €10,72 incl tax

    Hose Joiner 101mm.

    From €10,62 incl tax

    Hose Joiner 70mm.

    €10,72 incl tax

    Hose Joiner 76mm.

    €12,06 incl tax