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    Gold line

    Gold Line - Quality fittings at the right price!

    Gold Line performance fittings are products of a collaboration we have directly with the factory that produces fittings for us. Since 2014, we have only bought fittings from this supplier as the quality is always 100% in order. The factory has been producing fittings since 2001 and is ISO 9001 certified.

    Fittings produced with CNC machining, Heavy duty stamping and casting. All our AN fittings are made of aluminum, with an anodised / anodised surface treatment in several colors, which is not only really nice, but also helps to give the aluminum optimal corrosion protection.

    Gold Line's products range widely - 2300+ products

    Reusable Swivel Hose Ends, Gutter Swivel Fittings, Stainless Steel, None Swivel Fitting, Twist & Fit Hoes Fittings, Engine Parts, Engine Fittings, Motorcycle Engine Parts, Fuel Pipes, Performance-turning Parts & Accessories, Racing / Sports Car Parts & Accessories

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    Pro fuel filter with ball valve - AN12

    Petrol filter that can be used for fuels such as gasoline, methanol and diesel. Outer diameter of 50.4mm - 60micron filter
    €49,60 incl tax

    Parking lock valve - ON / OFF valve - Line lock

    Very fine shut off valve for braking system.
    €56,30 incl tax €50,94 incl tax

    Fuel Pump Bracket Black

    Incl. extra rubber piece - Diameter 59.2 or 51.6mm.
    €26,81 incl tax

    Fuel Pump Bracket Silver

    €26,81 incl tax
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