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    AEM engine Control

    AEM engine Control

    Below you will find AEM engine management. AEM is a very well and recognized brand which is used by many professional tuners worldwide. AEM engine control is user-friendly and stable to work with. This programmable engine control can be used for many different types of sensors and cars.

    If you need help selecting or installing your AEM motor control, you are very welcome to contact Qualitec .dk

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    Work relay - Relay with built-in fuse

    Relay with built-in fuse for 12v.
    From €3,22 incl tax


    Air Temperature Sensor / IAT. Often used when mounting programmable motor controls such as Vems, Megasquirt and AEM engine control.
    €20,91 incl tax

    Throttle sensor / TPS sensor for dampers

    TPS sensor for dampers DCOE / IDF / IDA
    €37,43 incl tax


    Water temperature sensor for programmable motor control. This sensor is often used for e.g. Vems, Megasquirt and AEM engine control
    €17,69 incl tax