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    High flow oil filter

    High flow oil filter

    Here you will find oil filters, which are especially good for high-performance tuning. These oil filters are perfect for high-performance engines as the oil flow is higher than the traditional original oil filters.

    You, therefore, get better lubrication of your engine, which is a huge advantage, at high engine load.

    Mounting oil filter:

    These oil filters are fitted instead of the original.
    Before fitting, it is an advantage to fill the filter with oil so that oil presses quickly. The rubber gasket is easily lubricated with oil so that it does not twist and leak when the filter is tightened.
    Do not use tools to tighten the filter. The filter just needs to be tightened by hand, then it is also to be removed again the next time it needs to be replaced.

    Remember to build up oil pressure before starting the car! The easiest thing is probably just to temporarily remove the fuse for the fuel pump, then turn on start until there is oil pressure. Then refit the fuse, start the car and let it idle while checking for leaks.

    If the filter is in a difficult place or needs to be moved so that there is better room for other modifications, then it is possible to move it with our Relocation kit

    If you can not find an oil filter that fits your engine, please contact us and we will get a home for you.

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    K&N oil filter - VAG 1.8T 20V - HP-1002

    €16,30 incl tax

    Bosch oliefilter - 3/4 UNF - Stort filter

    1.00147.02- P 3346
    Ydre diameter 93mm. 140mm. høj. O-ring diameter 62/71mm.
    €16,09 incl tax €13,40 incl tax

    K&N Oil Filter - Toyota 1.6L - HP-1003

    €16,30 incl tax

    K&N oil filter M20x1.5 - HP-1008

    €16,30 incl tax

    K&N HP-1004 oil filter

    K&N oil filter with M20x1.5 thread.
    €53,08 incl tax

    K&N HP-2007 oil filter

    K&N oil filter with M20x1.5 thread.
    €53,08 incl tax

    K&N Oil Filter - HP-1007

    €16,30 incl tax

    K&N Oil Filter - OPEL - HP-1001

    €16,30 incl tax

    K&N PS-1010 oil filter

    K&N oil filter with M20x1.5 thread.
    €53,08 incl tax

    Oil filter BMW M50

    HU 925/4 x
    HU 925/4 x
    €18,77 incl tax

    Oil filter BMW M52

    €16,09 incl tax €14,07 incl tax

    Performance CNC Oil Filter - Reusable

    Oil filter that you can reuse and disassemble to see if there are chips in the filter.
    From €30,83 incl tax

    CNC oil filter removal tool

    Used at the top of the oil filter when removing the oil filter from the engine.
    €6,01 incl tax

    CNC Oil Filter Opening Tool

    Used at the bottom of the oil filter when opening and cleaning the oil filter.
    €10,19 incl tax