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    Intake box for throttle bodies

    Intake box for throttle bodies

    If you have installed damper housings, there may be several reasons why you would also like to install a suction box. A suction box can be used as a plenum chamber where you can mount an air filter. You can also put a suction hose from the box and out the front of the car so that the engine is supplied with fresh and cold air. If you have fitted damper housings at the same time as a turbocharger, you must have the suction box to distribute the charging pressure in each damper housing. - In such a setup, it is important to choose the right engine management and the way it should be programmed, like the car or will not run smoothly at low load. - Ask those who need to adjust the engine management for you.

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    Carbon Intake Box 4 Cyl.

    Carbon Intake Box 4 Cyl.
    €586,34 incl tax

    75 mm. Suction Box 4 Cyl.

    75 mm. Suction box suitable for 4 cyl.

    Turbo Plenum

    Plenum chamber for dampers to be operated with turbo.
    From €830,93 incl tax