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Cheap Boost controller in super quality

Below you will find an electronic boost controller as well as a manual boost controller which can be placed both in the engine compartment and inside the cabin.

A boost controller works by shutting off some of the air/pressure that should go over to the wastegate into the open air. Eg. if your wastegate normally opens at 0.7 bar charge pressure you can shut some of that air away so the wastegate gets less pressure than what is actually in the intake manifold. So you can run with 1 bar charging pressure in the intake but the wastegate only gets the 0.7 bar that it normally opens at.

It is very quick and easy to mount a bleed valve, it is simply inserted between the hose that goes between the pressure side and the wastegate. Can be mounted on approx. 5-10 min depending on how you want it to sit.

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Turbosmart - bleed valve

Manual boost controller / bleed valve that can be mounted in the cabin or engine compartment.
From €102,53

AEM TRU Boost - Electronic boost controller - 30-0352

Electronic boost controller

Vacuum & charge printing tee

Piece of vacuum.

VEMS mixer + Boost control

VEMS Wbo2 Mixer and turbo pressure regulation