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    Turbokit for Toyota 

    We try to make guides for many different car brands and models. If you have a car that is often used for tuning, we can possibly. make a guide for your car too. A frequently used engine is, for example, the 2JZ-GE or 2JZ-GTE engine. We have made a guide for it which you can see below. Note that for turbo kit, other parts must often be used, such as programmable engine controls, larger fuel nozzles, etc., etc. You will find this in the guide.

    Toyota 2JZGE / 2JZGTE - Guide to tuning the 2JZ engine

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    Oil access / return hose for Toyota

    Oil connection for Toyota with everything to use.
    From €134,05 incl tax

    Toyota 2JZ-GTE T4 turbo manifold - 38mm. WG

    Quality turbomanifold from SpaTurbo.
    €353,35 incl tax €241,28 incl tax