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Cheap oil pressure gauge in top quality

Below you will find oil pressure gauge / oil pressure gauge in super quality and cheap prices, we typically have our manometer in stock you you have them 1-3 days after ordering. Oil pressure manometer is more often used for: operation, motorsport, 402 meters, rally, etc. If you need a manometer from a brand we do not have below, you are welcome to write an email to us and we will try if we can help you.

Installation of oil pressure gauge

Typically, you mount the pressure gauge in the cabin so you can keep an eye on the oil pressure when driving. They are made so they are approx. 2 "and fits in the holders we also have. Then they just need a 12 volt ignition plus and frame and then 2 wires out to the sensor. A manual / guide for mounting is also included.

Here are links to oil outlets when your oil pressure switch is with M12x1.5 or M14x1.5 or M10x1.0



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Autogauge Oil Pressure Gauge - Smoke

Oil pressure gauge for the car, measures oil pressure in the engine.
€57,68 €53,65

AEM X-Series pressure Gauge - 30-0301

Quality Pressure Gauge from AEM up to 7 bar/100 psi

Autogauge Oil Pressure Gauge - Black

Real fine and cheap oil pressure gauge from Autogauge with neutral finish.
€44,24 €40,20

Autogauge Oil Pressure Clock - Dark

Autogauge oil pressure gauge in black with dark silver edge and stepper motor technology. High quality cheap oil pressure watch from Autogauge.

Oil Pressure Sensor - Autogauge

0-10 bar (3-160 Ohm)

Autogauge oil pressure gauge - Digital

52mm oil pressure gauge from Autogauge
€73,82 €59,83

Black Adapter Fitting - M12x1.5 - 1/8 "NPT

Black Adapter Fitting. M12x1.5 HAN -> 1 / 8-27 NPT

Autogauge Oil Pressure Gauge - White

Oil pressure gauge from Autogauge with white background
€44,24 €37,51

AEM X-Series Pressure Gauge with OBDII - 30-0311

Quality Pressure Gauge from AEM

Innovate MTX-D: Oil Pressure & Temperature - 3913

Oil pressure gauge & oil temperature in the same watch for mounting in the car.
€254,80 €217,82

Pipe for Oil Pressure Gauge - Fuel Pressure - Exhaust Pressure

Pipe for oil pressure gauge, fuel pressure or exhaust pressure.
€10,08 €8,40