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    Exhaust collectors for turbo

    Exhaust collectors for turbo

    • Constructed from 304 stainless steel form 10 pipes.
    • Each component is precision 3D laser cutting to create close alignment.
    • Available in 4 to 1, 6 to 1, 4 to T3 flange, and 4 to T25 flange.

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    T25 flange collector - Stainless 304

    Collector flange for mounting turbo with T25 flange
    €88,46 incl tax

    T3 flange collector

    Collector flange for mounting turbo with T3 flange
    €88,46 incl tax

    T4 Collector 1 to 6

    Fits T4 Inlet, Pipe OD 48mm, Collector Height 78mm, Collector Outlet 74mm x 59mm
    €88,46 incl tax

    Vibrant performance - 4 to 1 collectors

    If you need a 4-1 collector, this is where you should take a look!
    From €92,48 incl tax

    Vibrant performance - 6 to 1 collectors

    If you are missing a 6-1 collector, take a look at our selection!
    From €88,46 incl tax