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    Aluminum expansion tank

    Aluminum expansion tank

    Below you will find expansion containers in several variants and colors. We have several types of expansion tanks in different sizes. The expansion tank is used for mounting in the engine compartment of a car, the tank allows the coolant to expand and contract again. These containers are sold as universal containers, ie. for mounting in racing cars for motorsport or a project car for you to rebuild yourself. Cooler lids with cover valves are often included so that it closes too much pressure out to the radiator system.

    Have a look at what else we can offer in <a href="/koelesystem">cooling</a>.

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    Expansion tank 0.4 liter

    Expansion tank located next to the cooler.
    €46,94 incl tax

    Coolant Expansion Tank - Pressure relief valve in the lid

    With AN6 connection
    €167,65 incl tax

    BMW E36 Aluminum Coolant Expansion Tank - Black anodized

    Direct fit for the 1992-1999 BMW E36
    €250,80 incl tax

    Water / oil tank 1 liter

    Water or oil tank with AN connection
    €57,00 incl tax €16,77 incl tax

    Expansion Tank - Universal

    Expansion tank that can be mounted in the engine compartment
    From €100,59 incl tax

    Expansion tank 0.4 liter - Black

    Expansion tank located next to the cooler.
    €53,51 incl tax

    Expansion tank 2 liters

    Expansion tank located next to the cooler.
    From €83,15 incl tax