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    Brake Cleaner & copper grease

    Brake Cleaner & copper grease

    When fitting or cleaning brakes and brake pads, use copper grease and brake cleaner. When renovating brakes, a brake cleaner is used to clean the parts that may be filled with brake dust and is used to clean brake discs or drums of grease. Copper grease when fitting brakes is very important for the bricks to stick properly and not get stuck in the brake ridge. You can buy copper grease as a spray or in a can where you use a brush when applying copper grease.

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    Copper grease 500g

    500 grams of copper grease in bucket
    €14,47 incl tax €9,25 incl tax

    Copper grease 500ml spray

    500ml copper grease spray
    €13,40 incl tax €6,70 incl tax

    Brake cleaner

    Here you get 500ml. brake cleaner at a very cheap price.