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    TSI - EA888 - Transverse

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    VAG 2.0t ea888 gen3 - High flow intake manifold

    1.00149.00-EA888 black
    The intake manifold for VAG 2.0t ea888 gen3
    €374,75 incl tax

    IS38 turbocharger - Original - NEW OEM

    06K145722 / F5ICEG-SR023B
    Audi S3 VW Golf VII 2.0L
    €965,02 incl tax

    Audi and VW 1.8 and 2.0 TSI ea888 710D mk7 - LAGERSALG

    Solenoid driven blow off valve for the 2013-on VAG .8 TSI engine (US codes CPKA and CPRA) and 2.0 TSI engine (Euro code CNTA, CHHA, CHHB, CJXB and CJXC;US codes CPLA and CPPA) including Golf MK7 R.
    €93,82 incl tax €53,61 incl tax

    DSG Aluminum Filter Housing - EA888 2.0FSI

    DSG Cool Flow Aluminum Auto Oil Filter Housing Replaces the failure prone factory plastic housing For VW EA888 2.0T FSI - Factory part # 02E305045
    €42,78 incl tax

    Gen 3 TSI TFSI includes 2015 + VW MK7 2.0T MQB 1.8T GTI Audi A3 MK3 TT high pressure pump - Autotech - Upgrade kit

    Gen 3 TSI TFSI includes 2015 + VW MK7 2.0T MQB 1.8T GTI Audi A3 MK3 TT
    €402,09 incl tax

    IS20 - 06k145874L

    Original Turbo Charger - Also used as an upgrade on some models.
    €810,88 incl tax €784,08 incl tax

    Large intercooler kit MK7 - 1.8 & 2.0 TSI

    Large intercooler kit for 1.8 & 2.0 TSI engine. Very easy assembly and efficient cooling.
    €372,60 incl tax €321,14 incl tax
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