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    24V FAN

    24 volt cooling fan

    SPAL 24v fans stand out as the pinnacle of professional cooling technology. These fans are carefully engineered and are able to withstand the most challenging environments. SPAL's fans perform significantly better and last longer than average products. Each IP68 approved SPAL motor is completely waterproof, ensuring total protection against the ingress of both solid and liquid based agents. This helps make SPAL's 24v fans some of the best in the industry.

    If you do not find the fan you want below, you are welcome to contact us with a SPAL item number, and we can get it to your home.

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    24V VA11-BP12/C-29S (255MM)

    10EO0992 SPL - SP30100349A
    €65,00 incl tax

    24V VA10-BP50/C-61A (305 MM)

    1.00119.01- 24V VA10-BP50/C-61A
    10EO0820 SPL
    €96,50 incl tax

    24V - VA75-B100/IE-90A - (188MM)

    €160,83 incl tax

    24V VA07-BP12/C-58S (225 MM)

    10EO0454 SPL - SP30100464A
    €68,35 incl tax