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    Water Wetter

    NEO Synthetics 'Keep Cool' is a water wetter designed to improve heat transfer in your engine while fighting rust, corrosion and mineral deposits. It is particularly effective in aluminum cooling systems and is recommended by top engine builders and cooling system developers. 'Keep Cool' is safe to use on all surfaces and will not damage metal, paint, clothing or skin. In addition to being a premium water pump lubricant that cleans while driving and extends the life of the water hose, 'Keep Cool' is unaffected by different types of antifreeze.

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    NEO Synthetics - Keep cool - (Water Wetter)

    This liquid is not greasy.
    €30,96 incl tax

    Bardahl 5 Ltr. Racing Kølervæske

    75 13113
    €51,79 incl tax