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    Carburetor AN fittings

    AN fittings for American cars and carburetors

    If you have an American car, that you're building, with a bigger engine, compressor, turbo, or carburetor, then we have everything you need for the fuel and cooling systems. Our fittings not only work great, but they also look good doing it. We sell AN fittings for carburetor in black, that are top quality, and have the required length to work for carburetors.

    If you need help finding to correct fittings, feel free to contact us.

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    Adjustable gasoline distributor for curator

    Very smart and nice advantages for gasoline access on the 4150/4500 series.
    €80,42 incl tax €60,31 incl tax

    Caburator adapter fittings

    Adapter fitting for mounting AN fittings on caburator
    From €11,26 incl tax