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Pneumatics - Quality connections in great design

These pneumatic fittings combine high quality with great design. They are made of aluminum and bronze locks.

Lower quality fittings come with plastic locks, but that makes them less resistant to heat, etc. The fitting is sealed using an O-ring. 

Pneumatic fittings are used to make outtake from an intake manifold, to connect it with the wastegate, blow off valve, etc.

There are many uses for these fittings, and the advantage of using them is that they don't expand or contract with pressure or vacuum.  

What is pneumatics?

Pneumatics relies on compressed air or a vacuum, and is often used for industrial purposes on machines that require precision and speed. Most pneumatic systems run at up to 100 PSI. (6.8 bar)

You can pick from the following sizes of nylon hoses:
3/16" / 4,76mm. 
1/4" / 6,35mm. 

Data for hoses:

Spring pressure 1000 PSI (68,95 bar)
Max working pressure: 250 PSI (17,2 bar)
Usable for water and methanol kits
Working temperatures: -40 - 90 C
Bending radius 25mm.

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